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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will You be my Tour Guide?

Back in 2008, I wrote this blog post about going to the Olympics in 2012
And in a little more than a year, yours truly and the Big Guy will be headed to the UK.

Here is our plan:

Leave in mid-July to do the tourist stuff. 
Hit the Olympics on July 28th (day 1 of competition)
Leave the UK on July 30th to come back to the States.

I've been to London before and LOVED it.  I am excited to go back.

As we start to plan this trip--what should we see?
Any place that you've been that I must include?  I have my favorites, of course, but would love to hear yours.
Never been, but wanted to go?  What would you include?


Mark said...

One year? Well at least you have time to learn the language.
Been to London. It was expensive. Not impressed. Like the country side better.
Your Friend, m.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'd have to hunt down that adorable Prince Harry! :) ... or at least try & see William & Kate... who cares about sporting events when there is a royal watch to do :)

That's going to be so much fun!!!

Caren said...

Oh Kelley - I'm so excited you are heading to the UK!! Partly for you (gotta be honest) but partly for me. My niece is getting married in London this coming January (I know - cold/rainy). We've never been so PLEASE let us know what to see/do when we are over there! I'm not a huge shopper so cool stuff to check out is more my style! Have fun!!!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sounds like fun. I so want to be at an Olympics game sometime before I die.

I've been researching London in recent weeks. I think Teen Angel and I are going in the first week of August. I can't wait!!! Any tips on where to stay. It's so expensive!

Jason, as himself said...

I've never been to England, but would love to go. I don't really know what I would want to see, though, other than the usual London stuff. But if Mark says that the countryside is better, I'd be heading out of the countryside.

I do know I would not be excited about the weather in England. I like my sunshine!