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Friday, July 01, 2011

Farm Friday:  Barn Kittens
Out on the farm, there are two adult cats.  They are 100% outdoor cats.  They are also 100% wild and untamed.  While I'll find one snuggling up against Charlie on our back deck now and again, they want nothing to do with people.

Every summer the barn cat population increases.  This summer is no exception.  

While we aren't able to get up close to them, I was able to get a little video with my camera the other day.  There are 4 little furballs and they are just a hoot to watch. 

(It's clear that I have no children, because my camera skills are shaky.)
(the cat in the grass kills me.  Keep watching.  I promise it's cute.)
(there is also no audio...other than the gusty wind.  So, turn off the sound)

Have a safe 4th of July, everyone!


Rebecca Jo said...

There is no way I'd be able to keep them outdoor cats... I'd FORCE them to love me & the indoors so I could snuggle with them all the time :) & I understand that means they'd tear me to shreds with those claws..

Too dang cute!

Jason, as himself said...

Cute. We used to have feral cats on our little "farm". They kept their distance, of course, except for one. He innately loved people and used to come up to us and jump up on us for some affection. It was so weird how his family was all wild, but he naturally wasn't.

Mark said...

I just love kittens. I'm so gay. m.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

BLAIR WITCH!! LOVE the video but I demand that you use your tripod!!

hee hee... Mark is gay.