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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Sink of Blog Posts (#6)

I have a few thoughts rolling around in my head, that I thought I'd do another Kitchen Sink blog post.

*It's HOT.  And humid.  People say, "Oh it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so humid."  I don't care what you say.  Hot is hot.  Regardless of the humidity.  And all it makes me want to do is eat ice-cream.

*I stumbled across Katy Perry's video Friday Night and had such a good laugh that I downloaded the song.  Yeah, its kitchy and silly and in 6 months I'll probably say, "why did I download this song?" But when the video has Corey Feldman, Debbie Gibson, the band Hanson, Kenny G, and some of the Glee kids....how could you not smile?  

*This is why we bought a weather radio....

Tornado warnings....heavy winds....hail.....
And a husband who decides to be a storm chaser....
And a cat who hid in the basement all night.

*I've always enjoyed reading but I have to say that the Hunger Games  series is AMAZING.  It's a young adult series and it's a bit science-fiction based, but it is great.  If you haven't read them yet....go get thee to the library and check out these books!  

*Harry Potter #7, part 2 starts Friday.  Amen.

*I don't know if I'm a fan of the new Blogger layout for posting.  Anyone else feeling like a fish out of water?  I know I'll just need some time, but still....

*Our silent auction for my 3-day team starts today.  As always, no pressure to purchase anything.  However, should you find something that you think a friend would like, please pass on our link.  FREE SHIPPING!!  

Have a good week!
I'm off to eat some ice-cream.
Did I mention it's hot? 


Rebecca Jo said...

I need to go check out that video ASAP :) Love all things 80's!

Those skies look like a witch is going to fly across the sky any minute. Keep those ruby slippers near by at all times!

Oh girl - HOT isnt even the word lately, is it? More like "HELL-ISH" We have air-quality-WARNINGS out today because its like 110 here. Have mercy!

Off to check out the auction :)

Mark said...

Just saw that video yesterday and LOVE IT! It's so funny and kuddos to all those that joined in were cool enough to make fun of themselves.
And tell me, what new Blogger layout? I don't see one! m.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Mark: the blogger dashboard (after you sign in to create posts, etc) is all new and crazy and it makes me want to seek therapy because it is pushing me out of my comfort zone. ACK!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oy, it's so hot and sticky here in NYC. Today it's supposed to get up to 98...and feel like 102. Lord help me. I think I'll stay in my cubicle all day long.

And I used to watch storm chasers when I was younger and want that thrill! I still do, but I'm a bit more chicken now. Blame "growing up" though some seem to have escaped that condition ;)

Jason, as himself said...

Yes, the new layout is taking some getting used to, for sure. But, I do like that it gives me more space to compose. The little window definitely needed to go.