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Friday, July 08, 2011

Farm Friday:  The Garden
My in-laws plant a garden every summer.  They asked us if we were interested in planting anything.  I was excited to finally plant a real garden rather than 2 or 3 plants.  So, we headed off to a garden center and purchased a cart full of plants.

We planted the usual.....tomatoes, peppers....but we also planted this....

Know what it is?

Brussel Sprouts!
We had brussel sprouts for the first time last fall when one of our favorite restaurants grilled them and added them to a butternut squash gnocchi dish.  WOW!  Were they ever good.  

Then again, anything cooked with bacon and blue cheese is a winner in my book. 


Rebecca Jo said...

I dont see it... how are Brussell Spouts coming out of that? hmmm.. I think I need more pictures in the future for this. My city girl side is really showing right now...

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I love the BS plant! It's so funky and exotic looking! Enjoy these sweet treats of summer!

Mark said...

Mmmmm, Bacon!
Do you grow that in your garden too?

jmmarshak04 said...

Wait until it grows the tall stalk and the sprouts themselves grow. It looks super funky. A friend has some growing last year.