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Monday, July 25, 2011

My New Workout Plan....

Back in January, the Big Guy and I bought an exercise bike.  I really like it, but summer hit, and with it being so warm, the bike isn't getting used as much.

So we got something new....

This is Maggie.  A 12 week old Collie & Lab mix.

Yep.  This little girl is giving her pet parents a run for their money.
Emphasis on "run".

She runs towards the garden.
She runs down the row of lilac bushes.

She runs towards the burn barrel.
She runs towards the barn.

You get the idea.

She's sweet.  A bit timid.  Doesn't care for her kennel too much right now.  And LOVES being outside.  

She's also caused the cat to retreat upstairs.
We may never see her again...


Rebecca Jo said...

OHHHH - she's beautiful!!!!

First thing I thought of was those little kittens you posted the other day... yep, they are running for a good hiding place :)

Mercedes said...

Beautiful dog. Enjoy!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Maggie is Beautiful, Kelley! I couldn't wait to see photos this morning. She's SO gonna love it on the farm.

Mark said...

Cute dog. But if you wanted a dog named Maggie, I would have gladly given you mine. m.

Janice said...

Thanks for posting pictures Kelley! Maggie is beautiful. Have fun being pup parents!