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Friday, July 29, 2011

Week One with Maggie....

Toys she has no interest in.
Peeing on the floor.
Peeing in her crate during the day.
Peeing outside.
Dry crate at night.
Lots of water in the evening.
Barking at the farm cats.
Rough-housing with Charlie.
Stella going nose-to-nose and showing her who's boss.
The dog whimpering at the cat because Stella freaks her out.
Wishing she was a year old and housebroken.
Begging at dinner.
Slobbery $3 pork bone that's been in her mouth all week.
Trying to get onto the couch to cuddle.
Puppy kisses.
Teaching her to ring a bell to "go potty".
Wagging hind-end every time we come home
Knowing that, really, she's doing more for us than she knows...
A comfy dog bed...

Something tells me that our pup is adjusting to life in our house just fine.
Us on the other hand?

Don't ask.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...


...wait, who said that?

Mercedes said...

At least she is cute!

Rebecca Jo said...

All that water is making the potty in the crate happening :) That's suprising - they usually dont like to pee in the place they sleep.

Potty training is one tough thing for puppies - but you'll get there.

We trained our dogs before we got doggie doors to ring a bell too... we'd stock up on Christmas bells during the season, but NOW, we see someone has actually marketed & made a bell for dogs in pet stores. We were FURIOUS when we saw that... that was our million dollar idea YEARS & YEARS ago! DANG IT! Where was the Shark Tank when I needed them?