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Monday, August 29, 2011

Doggie Photoshoot in my New Hat....

OK, Maggie.  We're going to take a photo of you wearing my new, handknit, stocking cap that Grandpa brought back from Norway.  The nice bloggy folks want to see how your growing and I want to show off the hat.

Hold still, will ya?  OK.  OK.  You need treats to do anything remotely cute.  Fine.  Have some treats.

OK, seriously, Maggie, hold still.  You want to lay down?  You can't be THAT tired.  You just woke up from your 6th nap of the day.  Here, have another treat.

OK, I'm serious.  You need to hold still.
Yes.  Yes.  This is a camera.  
Yes.  I'm taking your photo.  
No.  You don't need to go outside.  We just went 2 minutes ago.

Oh, for crying out loud.
Forget it.
Thank goodness I already talked to Grandpa last week to thank him for the hat.

(thanks again, Grandpa!)
(Jeg elsker du!)
(and I still think the calendar in your kitchen is written in Swedish, not Norwegian)


jmmarshak04 said...

Ooh, I like the hat! And Maggie is cute too!

Mark said...

Yep, that's how my Maggie acts. It must be in the name.
p.s. like the hat!