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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where have all the comments gone....

....I turned them off.  That's where they went. 

I've shared this before....I didn't start blogging with the hope of making it big.  I knew pretty early on that blogging about the fact that my husband can't fold sheets, or that my cat is a freak, or that my dog thinks her water dish is a frisbee would not earn me fame and fortune.

But I've noticed a trend over the last few months.
I'm crazy-stalking my stats page to see if comments had been posted. 

It started out simple enough.  I had down-time at work.  Down-time resulted in "I wonder if anyone posted a comment".  Which resulted in, "It's been an hour.  I wonder if anyone has posted anything yet?"  Which then resulted in me thinking, "Maybe it's the blog post.  Maybe its not good enough.  I need a BETTER blog post!"  But when the fun posts I like to create didn't feel like they were good enough, I would stop blogging all together.

Stupid, huh?

I know people read this blog.  The number of comments is not proportional to the number of readers.  I've read lots of blogs and never leave a comment.  But it took this crazy self-blog-stalking to realize that it's OK to turn off the comments and blog about the random stuff that make me smile and laugh.  I want to write fun posts, not get caught up in the comments.

So, I'm having my own intervention.
Comments are being shut off.

If you really want to connect with me--I'm on twitter.
Though I mostly only write to celebrities and the Chobani Yogurt people.

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