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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pinterest Review: Candy Gift Basket

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I participated in the Secret Santa exchange at work.  I had the only guy out of the group and his "likes" were pretty minimal.  I saw an idea on Pinterest and wanted to replicate it as best I could without breaking the bank.

I didn't go quite as overboard as this photo:

Have you seen how expensive candy bars are? 
What happened to candy bars being 60 cents?

Here is the link to the "how to" on making a candy boquet.  Here is my Real Deal review on how to make a candy gift basket bouquet.

Remember...this is just my two cents.  Take it for what it's worth.

  • The blogger uses different types of "baskets"--actual baskets, a round cooler, etc. 
  • The blogger shows different kinds of baskets she made, some very full with candy, others with just a few different pieces.  It is nice to see baskets that are minimal and really full!
  • Greal listing of supplies and step by step photos.
  • The blogger used a hot glue gun to secure the candy to the dowel rods.  While I have one, hot glue is just messy.  I used packing tape on mine and it worked just as well. 
  • She mentioned using dowel rods of different sizes, or trimming the ones you have with a cutter.  If you don't have a cutter, you might want to look at smaller rods that you can actually break apart yourself.  Ghetto?  Sure.  But no one will see that piece when you tuck it into the foam.
Overall, the tutorial was pretty easy to follow, based on the photos.  I appreciated the variations and ideas for other uses of this basket.  

Here is how mine turned out:

First, off, I forgot to pick up the floral foam.  So, I used a box from a 4-pack of wine that I use for cooking.  It's a party right?  ha!

I then stuffed it full of newspaper so that the dowel rods fit snug and didn't wobble all over the place.  I also used a little packing tape, too.  Worked like a charm.


I purchased 1/8 inch rods.  They're very thin and break easily--which is good because I didn't have a cutters.  I was able to get 5 rods for less than $2.  I then taped the candy to the rods.  I left most of the rod exposed.  I liked how it gave it "height".  I painted the rods with some white craft paint.  I filled the bucket with crinkle paper and wala!  Gift basket!

I am happy to report that it seemed like he liked it!
Then again, this also came with a pan of Special K bars, so....