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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where I test Pinterest Projects....

Ya'll know I love Pinterest.  Recently I commented on someones blog regarding projects I loved on pinterest.  I also added the one I was really disappointed in (more on that in below).  She replied back via e-mail, "I agree!  Why is that still being pinned?  So disappointing!"

The thing is, 98% of the stuff pinned on pinterest come from little ol' blogs like mine and yours.  We discuss what we created and show all the steps on how to create something.  But often what is lacking are the "real deal" information.  I mean, what blogger isn't going to say that the project was "so easy!"  Why would you encourage someone to do a project that is a nightmare?

But honestly.  That "so easy" statement isn't always true.

For example.  This pin has been floating around pinterest for quite some time

I have no doubt that the strawberries that this person made turned out fine.  But when I made them and followed the directions?  I got strawberry mush. Brown....mushy....disgusting....strawberries.  Nothing chewy like this picture suggests.

Had I known that, I wouldn't have wasted $5 on strawberries and a few hours of my time.

So, here's the skinny on how this will work:

*I will review the "popular" pins on pinterest--ones I see floating around week after week. 
*On my pinterest page, I am posting comments on all of my pins that I try.  Not all are food related (thank God...my waistline can't take it!)
*See something you want me to test?  Leave a comment with the link and I'll give it a go (yes....I'll open comments!)
* I won't be sticking to a schedule, I'll just post them as they happen. 

Got an idea or see something you want me to test?  Pass it along! 
It's winter in Minnesota, people.  I got nothing better to do.
(except let out the dog.)
(I'm always letting out the dog.)

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