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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

History wasn't my best subject....

Over Christmas break, the Big Guy and I invited his sister and her husband out to see a movie.  While we were driving to the theatre, we were talking about the trip to the UK that we'll be taking later this year.  

I mentioned there was a website that I found on my first trip to England where you can take your own self-guided walking tours.  They were pretty much spot on and a nice alternative to paying for a tour.  One of the tours is the Westminster Walk.  You take the tube over to Westminster Abbey & Parlament, walk over to Buckingham Palace, over to the Prime Minister's residence....it's really cool.

On this tour, the website says that you can pay to visit Westminster, or you can attend mass.  In the car I said, "I'd sit through a Catholic mass just to take in Westminster."

Everyone in the car said, "Westminster isn't Catholic."
Me:  "What?  Seriously?"
Big Guy:  "Nope.  It's the C of E " (Church of England)
Me:  "Well, I learned something today!"

During the movie I thought, "They're pulling my leg and just messing with me."  I got home after the movie and googled the Abbey and sure enough.  They're not Catholic.  But it had me wondering why.  Where did I miss THIS piece of information?  

For example:

1.  The title Westminster Abbey:  Abbey's are where nun's live.  Nun's, to my knowledge were only Catholic.  Guess what?  Nun's are in other faith's, too.  But I mean, really.  I thought that nuns were only Catholic!  I can also blame this on the Sound of Music from the song, "How do you solve a problem like Maria".  I quote: I even heard her singing in the abbey...

2.  The use of the word mass:  OK.  I know it's a stretch, but in my little part of MN....you only hear "mass" when you're talking about Catholic church services.  Every other church calls their services...well...services.  And again, from the Sound of Music... "She waltzes on her way to Mass..."  See!!

3.  Exhibit A from the Royal wedding:
Bishop. (technically the Archbishop)
Pointy hat.
I mean, really....

4.  Exhibit B from the Royal wedding:
NUNS at the head of the church.
See point #1 above.

OK.  So they're not Catholic.  I know my testimony won't change anything....but it helps me to at least feel like I wasn't asleep during every meeting of my World History 101 class in college.