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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fragments....

Sweet Rebecca Jo does this each Friday and I'm totally stealing borrowing her idea.  Here are the things that are floating around in my head today....

TAXES:  Well.  We ran our taxes.  We OWE.  AGAIN.  We don't own a home, nor do we have children.  The deductions we can take (school loan interest, medical expenses, donations to charity) are don't make that much of a dent in what we owe.  Grrrrr.....

PLANNING FOR OUR ENGLAND TRIP:  I know.  I wrote about this the other day....but I'm very, very excited about going on our trip.  I've decided to pick up a Rick Steve's book.  I know I can probably find all this stuff online, but having a book that I can highlight & put sticky tabs in, feels a bit easier.

Besides, the book comes with a pull out map.
I really want the map so I can stand on it like Joey in Friends and say "I need to get in the map."

GOOGLE SEARCH:  Honestly.  How many times do I need to reset the darn search settings so that it doesn't "auto search".  SO ANNOYING.

FIVE MINUTES FASTER:  Since I've been walking before work 3 days a week (I've been shooting for 4, but there has been something EVERY week that has prevented me from a 4th day....), I have shaved 5 minutes off my walking mile pace!!

At least that's what they say:

If they've lied to me, I'll be peeved.

WOOF DAH!:  I saw this on a friend's facebook page and instantly wished I lived in the Twin Cities again.  It's a doggie day care and kennel that uses NO CAGES, and yes, it's named Woof Dah!  I may look into them when we're in England in September, but honestly....why doesn't my little rural neck of the woods have something like this?!?  We don't even have a dog park.  I would LOVE a doggie day care for Maggie.  I would love to open one up, but I can't even get her to stop chewing on the kitchen rug....

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I know I will.....GO SIOUX!


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Kelley - you should TOTALLY SERIOUSLY think about opening a dog park in your town!! You could give "you know who" a run for her money! Plus, imagine the business deductions on the taxes!

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA - the day you do a Friday Frag & throw me credit, I dont do one! :)

Heck - IIIIII want to go to that doggie day care! :) Imagine all the time just running &playing? Fun times!

I'd die if we owed taxes... would make me so angry... cant you deduct that fur baby as a child? I think so!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

We had the small Fromer's books for London and Paris with the pullout maps and wore them out on our trip. I highly recommend them.