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Monday, February 20, 2012

Grand Forks Visit....

I went to UND this weekend.  
All I have to show for it is....

Photo of the "Eternal Flame" sculpture at UND.

A photo of the free chips and salsa at Paridiso Mexican Restaurant--where the "chips are free, dinner's extra"

Picture of the UND logo on the outside of the hockey arena
(that logo is EVERYWHERE in the building)

That green sign says it all...."you're in Sioux country"

Photos of Tracy, her husband, the Big Guy and I in our UND gear?  Nope.
Photos of us having fun in one of the arena suites with one of my 3-day walk friends?  Nope.
Photos of me almost shoplifting a t-shirt from the gift shop in the arena?  Nope (true story)

Memories of a great weekend?  You bet.


Anonymous said...

My memory of UND...a keychain that I carried for years that read "My Kid and my money go to UND" Truer words were never written...love,mom

Rebecca Jo said...

A picture of you almost shop lifting woulda been EPIC! :)

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

The shoplifting incident was something I'll never forget!! Oh, and I've never seen you more red! :)

LOVED the weekend! And you have my permission to show a photo of us in our borrowed gear but only if it's a good one!

Thanks for a GREAT weekend!