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Friday, February 03, 2012

My 2 cents....

Edited to add:  This is what happens when you are using your blog to type out your thoughts as a way to "process"--and hit "publish" by mistake rather than "save".  Oops!  But.  It is really how I feel.  So....take it for what its worth.  I want you to know that even if we differ in our opinions, I still respect you and appreciate you (really!  I do!)  I really do believe that you can support both causes.  I also believe that you can stand by a cause even if you don't agree with a decision that they make. 

When I was in graduate school, I made $400 a month.  Before taxes.  Once taxes were deducted, I think I walked away with a grand total of $380 a month--that came to me in one paycheck.  Yep.  I was paid once a month.  

My housing was covered as a residence hall director.  I got a small meal plan at on campus dining.  That $400 covered my car payment and car insurance, and a few groceries.  But honestly, I was left with hardly any money each month for anything.

One thing that I did not have?  Health Insurance.  Yes, campus had a health service, but lets face it...you were lucky if you could get tylenol for a headache.  

I began a serious relationship with my now, ex, boyfriend.  When that relationship turned intimate, I wanted to be protected.  So I used Planned Parenthood for my first pelvic exam and as a pharmacy for my birth control pills.

Planned Parenthood was there for me because I fit their profile.  Woman.  Uninsured. Concerned for her health.

When Susan G Komen--an organization that I support dearly--decided to cut funding to Planned Parenthood for breast health I was stunned.  How could they do that?  As a 3-day participant, I have received e-mails regarding why and it makes me a little leery.  An organization that has made it clear that they want to provide screening and education to all women....made a big error in cutting grant funding.

Just because I don't agree with their decision, doesn't mean that I don't still support their efforts.  

Yes.  Their decision to cut funding stinks.

I hate it and question the "under investigation" policy like you do.  I have friends on facebook yesterday who told me flat out, "I am no longer supporting Komen."  I respect that.  It's OK.

I just hope that they--and you--can respect my decision to still support Komen and Planned Parenthood.

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