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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A poll...of sorts....

If you were going to enter a contest that required you to make a 2 minute video....what would you want to see?  Keeping in mind that each of these options would stick to the requirements of the contest, answer the question, etc.  

Would you want to see:

A.  Person sitting in front of their webcam talking
B.  Video with photos and voice-over
C.  Funny--but not cheesy.
D.  None of the above


(if you pick D...tell me what ideas you have)

(If you can't tell, I'm in a creative slump for a video contest.)


Rebecca Jo said...

I'll always go for funny :) Even a little cheesy :)

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I pick C. Ask yourself what you like to see on utube. What are you drawn to in the TV shows you watch? How about a Downton Abbey approach... or Mad Men! If you go Mad Men I have a dress you can borrow!

Mark said...

I was thinking about doing a Letter B myself. I don't think I'd be comfortable having the world seeing me talk straight to them. But that's just me.
What kind of "funny" for C are you talking about?

American in Norway said...

FUNNY for sure... dying to know what it is all about! Keep us posted.