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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Review: Yarn Wreath

While browsing pinterest recently, I found this:

Source: duitang.com via Kelley on Pinterest

How adorable, huh?

I thought I'd make this myself and see if it was as easy as the photo tutorial suggests.  Here's my review and details on how to make this yourself.

  • Like the step by step photos
  • End product is adorable
  • There's no indication of cost 
  • There is no indication of the amount of supplies needed.    
Overall, though, it was very easy to put together.  But the cost?  It was reasonable, but a little spendy if you're trying to be thrifty.  

Flower "ribbon" (it's on a spool in the ribbon section):  $8
Yarn:  $4.75 each
Foam wreath:  $4.29 - $4.79 depending on the size
Pink pearl stick pins:  $4.99

I bought a 10 inch wreath and 3 bundles of yarn (those bundles are deceiving!  They look so small!)  And the flower ribbon?  I just couldn't buy it.  I skipped it all together and bought a sprig of fake flowers on sale for $3, where I cut the flowers off the stem and pinned them onto the wreath.  

Flowers:  $3
Yarn:  4.75 (I only needed 1 bundle), plus a 40% off coupon = $2.85
Wreath:  10 inch wreath, for $4.29
Pins:  $0 (I had them already)

Here's my result:

It's OK to do it differently!  It turned out just as cute.  
(at least I think so!)

Edited to add:  yes, I pinned my own pin.  Why?  Because my mom wanted it.  That's why.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh!! That's adorable!!!!! Gotta 'pin' it right now... which means I'll probably never make it :)

American in Norway said...

VERY cute! - Oh how I wish we had some good craft stores around here...