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Monday, April 16, 2012

Here's Your Sign....

This weekend, the Big Guy and I went to some open houses of homes that are for sale.  While we don't intend to buy a house for another year or so, we've decided to start keeping our eye out.  

This has been a hard season for the Big Guy.  His parents have purchased some property near a lake and will be building a home there in the future, which will result in selling the farm.  We've been offered the option to buy the farm.  We don't know if we will or not.  We do know that we want to be sure of our choice--live on the farm or live in town.  So, to be sure, we have to look at all the options.

Of course, if a lake home comes onto the market that is cheap and has more than one bedroom and indoor plumbing we may look at it.

(yes.  some lake homes in our price range have NO INDOOR TOILETS.)
(How is this possible in Minnesota?!)

On Saturday we were at a property in town.  Nothing fancy--just your typical split level 1980's style house.  Ironically, we both liked it.  It was well maintained and actually had some nice updates.
This isn't the actual house, but you get the idea...

As we walked outside and we were in the backyard we were talking about the typical stuff:  building a small patio, a fence for the dog, doggy doors, where to put the BBQ and the Big Guy looked at the small garden patch that was outside.  He froze.


Sure enough in the garden were a small patch of strawberries.

The Big Guy's grandpa--who is no longer with us, but the Big Guy just adores--had a very large strawberry patch on the farm.  The Big Guy got a little misty.  I said, "You know.  It's a sign.  This is meant to be."

And I kid you not....at that second.  I got MY sign.

A monarch butterfly on the tree, next to the strawberry patch.

See.  The monarch?  That's my grandma, who is also no longer with us.  Since her passing, any significant family event (during the non-winter months, anyway) has been visited by a monarch.  Birthday's, holiday's, family gatherings.....a monarch seems to always pop up.  

I looked at the Big Guy and said, "OK.  Seriously.....there's MY sign" and I pointed to the tree where the monarch landed.

While this house may not be THE house we purchase, I took this as a sign to say, "It's OK to look at a house in town.  It's OK if you don't live on the farm."

As far as I'm concerned, my grandma and his grandpa can show up at anytime.


Rebecca Jo said...

That's so amazingly cool!!!!! Good luck on the decision making, but its good to know you're getting 'outside signs' that reassure you! :)

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Crap! You made me cry at work!

Mark said...

You gave me goosebumps.