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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I Hate Technology....

Yesterday, technology was the thorn in my side.  I was asked to present a workshop of leadership at a camp meeting.  I've done this presentation a million times, but over the years I've had to adapt to technology.

This particular presentation uses movie clips to highlight different points of leadership.  In the 90's when I first did this presentation--I copied movie clips onto one VHS tape and played the clips that way.
Image from Google Images

It was easy.
All the clips were in order.
And all I had to carry around was a VHS tape and my handouts.

Now, with DVD's, it's a bit of a challenge.  I've had someone be my helper in the past setting up the DVD's to the point I needed.  Wanting to bypass that, I thought I was being all technology savvy using clips from You Tube and embedding them into my power point presentation.

It didn't work.
Not even a little bit.
Add to that the the GPS in my car led me to a hay field in the middle of Sherberne County, causing me to be late, I felt totally off my game.....yesterday was a tough day.  

I think I like VHS tapes and paper maps.
You know.  The way it was "in the olden days".

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

Its things like that that make me feel OLD!!!

Heck, I still like my "mixed cassette tapes" that I made off the radio! :)

easy enough... no wires to download anything required :)