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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Video Project...

So, remember the not-so-scientific-poll where I asked you about what approach I should take in making a video for a contest?

Well.  Here's my first attempt and I need your two cents.

It's for Ancestry.com's contest "Who's the Star of your Family".  With this contest, the winner receives help with their family tree from Ancestry.com's experts!  There are two lines of my tree that are not researched at all and I want help from them!

Take a peek.
What do you think?
Is it clear?  Does something not make sense? 

Be honest.  I can take it.
(I think)
(Just so you know, this took me 6 hours to make....)


Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! :)

So interesting, so funny, so cute! I love the pop up's in it & the picture of the Beauty Queen ;)

The only thing, I had a hard time hearing when you said about your grandmother having a different dad - I had to replay it 3 times... but I'm hard of hearing :)

I love there's still a farm in Norway that belonged to your family - that is just amazing

I LOVED the video.

**I** want to know more myself because of your video! :) Fingers crossed you win & get the scoop on the family :)

Mark said...

Love it!
You're a pro! Seriously, you sound so professional like you've been doing this forever.
You did a great job and I listen to every word. If I had to criticize anything, I would say, do the next one posing like your beauty queen grandmother. Sex sells!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Thanks Rebecca Jo and Mark!

RJ: I see what you're saying. I can adjust the volume on the recording from the editing side of things, I'll boost that a bit. Of course...it didn't help that I had a tree full of birds that WOULD. NOT. SHUT. UP.

Mark: I love that idea about the beauty queen!! I should retape the "I wish I had her genes" and put on a crown and a sash. Oh how funny!!


Anonymous said...

I like the birds, adds character. So I'm thinking that all of those college English classes and creative writing classes are paying off! Great job! love,mom