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Friday, April 27, 2012

Where I Ask for your Help....

The video for Ancestry.com's "The Star of Your Family" is up.
It's official.

I'm in.

While there's still a month to go before it was due, I feel like I'm behind the 8-ball here.  Videos are ranked by how many times it is watched and how many people "like" them.  I thought at first you had to like it only on facebook.  But it looks like it's the "likes" on YouTube that count.  I think?  I'm not sure.

Granted, this has nothing to do with the judging.  BUT.  If it is one of the top viewed or top liked videos?  It stays at the top of the list, being viewed sooner rather than later.  Right now, I'm video number 36 out of 37.

Even though I'm not last?  Trust me.  I know what it's like to be last (says the girl who was always picked last in gym).

So, help a sister out.
Will you pass the word?  View the video?  "Like" it on YouTube?
(to "like" it, push play and then hover your mouse/pointer over the video...there's a drop down menu that appears.  Click the "thumbs up" button and you're done!)

You can like it on Facebook, too, by clicking here (I'm currently the 3rd video in the "most recent" listing).  Just click my video and click the "like" button under the video.

Anyway....I'd love for you to view it (again).  
And "like" it.  
And tell your friends that you "know this lady who made this video and wants to win a contest."

Thanks for your support, folks!  This is good fun!

Could you imagine if I had kids what I'd be doing to my friends and family to persuade them to buy cookies, or popcorn or wrapping paper or who-knows-what?  Good golly....


Mark said...

Okay, hopefully I just "liked" you on Facebook. I'm not a techy so who knows!

Mark said...

Did I write Facebook? I meant "YouTube".

Rebecca Jo said...

So I liked on both facebook AND YouTube...

What is best? I'm gonna link it up on my Facebook account to get others to vote - should I post the Ancestory Facebook - or the YouTube Link?

Let me know & I'll get you some extra votes :)