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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Good Problem to Have....

The Big Guy started working with a nutritionist and weight loss doctor back in February to help him lose weight.  He was given pretty simple guidelines:  keep a food journal, 3 meals a day, 1 snack a day, exercise, and keep your meals within a certain calorie/carb range.  Nothing is off limits, he just needs to be honest with his portion sizes and ingredients.

He's been a champ!  He downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for his iPhone and has been using that as his journal.  He has had checkups every few months and has to show his journal to his doctor.  

The other day I noticed this:

That's his wedding band.  It was sitting on the shelf (and still is) near the kitchen sink.  It's there because IT IS TOO BIG!

We bought a ring made out of tungsten.  This metal cannot be re-sized.  In short, it means that if I want the Big Guy to wear a wedding band, we need to buy a brand new ring in a brand new size.  

I think that's a pretty good problem to have, don't you?

If you're wondering, he's lost 34 pounds since February.  His goal is to lose 50 by the time we go to England in September.


Rebecca Jo said...

WOW... that is a good problem!! Tell him to keep it up! Hopefully it hasnt been awful for him, but he can see this as a new way of life!
... I wish I could see that way of eating as a new way of life :)

Mark said...

I held my finger up to the screen and yeah, that ring is big! ha!
Seriously though, that is tremendous and he is doing great.
p.s. Now that he isn't wearing his ring, does he hang out in strange bars?

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Mark: no strange bars. One, we live in the middle of nowhere and two...he gave up the beer!! I couldn't believe it!

RJ: I've been really impressed with is dedication to tracking. He said last night that he doesn't feel "on a diet"....so that's a good sign!! :)

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...