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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Year With Maggie....

A year ago, someone left Maggie on the side of a rural road with her litter-mates.  The heat index was 120 degrees that day.  Those 8 pups were left with one purpose:  so that farmer (or whomever) wouldn't have to be responsible for them.  They chose to let nature take it's course.

Nature did.  In the form of a husband and wife who rescued those pups.

And one year ago, we agreed to take in this girl.
To love her.
Train her.
Roll our eyes at her.
Roll our eyes at each other and wonder silently, "Oh, hell no....I took her out last time.  YOUR TURN."

(reason why when we buy a house, we're getting a fenced in yard and a doggie door)

Over the last year, Maggie....

Banned from being up on the new furniture.
Rings the bell to go out to potty.  all.  the.  time. 
Eats once a day, but only when we're home.
Loves her dog bones, especially from Tracy & Jeff (thank you!)
Loves asparagus. (seriously)
Has to be taken out on a leash to potty.  If she's off the leash she'll take off.
Thinks the barn cats are dogs and tries to play with them as such.
Will run to the door when you say, "Who's here, Maggie?"
Is so spoiled she has 3 dog beds.
Still not sure about Stella, the cat.
Stella wants nothing to do with her and has spent the last year upstairs (I feel terrible about this)
Housebroken (YEAH!)
Loves rides in the car
LOVES going to Doggie Day Camp at Pet Smart.
Loves her frisbee (or outside water dish) so much she won't give it to you.  
Jumps up on the hayrack thinking she's the smartest dog ever.
2 Benedryl + peanut butter on a scrap of bread = favorite treat
Snores when she's exhausted
Knows how to work the puppy eyes
Jumps in the tub for a bath, but hates water from the garden hose
Is already an old lady with hip dysplasia at the ripe age of 1.
Sheds like no dog I know
Gets distracted easily.  A CAT!  A FLY!  A STICK!  

She loves her people.
Her people love her.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! We love you! And we're so happy to have a dog in our lives that we can bring bones to. Your people are pretty lucky people!

And, way to go on the training part. You ARE a good girl! Cute too!

Rebecca Jo said...

here's to MANY more years with Maggie... & all the fun things you've still got to learn about each other! :)

Mark said...

Be careful or you just might spoil her.(wink)!