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Monday, November 12, 2012

Extreme Sandbox....

Back in late January, my friend Tracy said to me, "I want to get this for J (her husband)..." and she pointed me to a Groupon deal for 90 minutes in the Extreme Sandbox.

What's the Extreme Sandbox?


Real, live, honest to goodness, bull dozers, backhoes and skid loaders, that you get to drive around in a real  sandbox.

I told Tracy that I loved it and wanted to know if she'd be OK if I got the same thing for the Big Guy.  She not only loved the idea but said that J would have "someone to play with".  ha!

We finally cashed in on the deal and went on Saturday to the sandbox.

The guys did the mini-sandbox adventure and only ran the skid loader.  But regardless, they had a great time!  They dug in the dirt, they pushed stuff around, they even ran an obstacle course where they had to pick up a basket ball and try to drop it into a tractor tire (and other stuff, too!). 

Here are some pics from the afternoon:
The guys wore headsets to talk to one another.
They also worked with a staff member who guided
them through the course and working the "toys"

Tracy's husband, concentrating really hard
(we giggled at him sticking out his tongue.  ha!)

Dave, the staff member who worked with the guys
pointing out the obstacle course.

The Big Guy dunking the basketball--
even after a rim shot bounce!

J's turn--a nice slam dunk, and a little extra dirt!

The boys weren't able to upgrade to playing with the other toys.
But, we did get to see them run their own obstacle course, 
including moving tractor tires from one post to the other!

Thanks, Tracy and J for a fun afternoon!!

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever heard of! & totally knew men would LOVE it!

What a smart idea to create!

I'd be scared to death of the machines. But I'm sure that's the highlight for the men-folk :)