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Friday, September 27, 2013

Q of the Day, September 27...

For my 40th birthday (back in 2011) my friend Tracy gave me the journal, "Q&A of the Day".  It's a five year journal.  Each day has its own question, with five spaces to write down your answer.  the idea is to look back year after year and see where you were at that time.

I was good out of the gate.  I did it every morning at work while my computer was booting up and my coffee was steaming away on my desk.

And it lasted until about April.

Then I became a Q&A of the Day flunky.

So, I decided to pick it up again, but instead, use the blog.  And in turn, if you want to play along (the 2 of you who still read this thing), you can answer the question in the comments.  Of course, the random passer by could also answer.  Or I'll probably get spam comments about medications to help me in areas that need no help, I assure you.

You can also just think about the question to yourself. No pressure to play along.

And like most "blog ideas"....I'll probably be really good out of the gate, and this will end in a ball of flames after about 2 weeks.

Let's begin shall we?

Q&A of the Day, September 27th....
Do you handle rejection well?

While I would like to say "why care about what others think?", I care.  I care A. LOT.  So, when I'm rejected, I feel as though I'm a failure.  Didn't get the job I applied for?  On the outside I say, "it's OK!  Wasn't meant to be!" and on the inside I think, "What the *F* did I do to mess up that interview?".  When I was dating, if we broke up, I would say on the outside, "It hurts, I'll move on, I'll be OK."  But on the inside, I internalized every. single. thing.

So, while I'd like to say I'm growing as I get older, rejection does sting.  

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