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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Q&A of the Day--Weekend edition...

This is new for me.  Posting on the blog on the weekend.  Normally my weekend consists of waking up, going to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning (don't look to me for weight loss advice....I've got none), running errands, and then spending the weekend doing stuff around the house.

Excitement o' plenty, I'm telling you.

Anyway, before I dive into the mountain of laundry awaiting me--here are the questions from the Q&A of the Day journal for today (September 28th) and tomorrow (September 29th).

Q&A of the Day, September 28th...
How hungry are you right now?

Seriously?  I just went to Weight Watchers.  I'm starving.  You never eat OR drink before a WW meeting.  You also make sure to go to the bathroom before you weigh in as well.  I've got a skim latte calling my name with a side of oatmeal.  

Q&A of the Day, September 29th...
You get bad news:  do you want it sugar coated, or given straight up?

Straight up.  Don't try to protect me--just tell me.  Be prepared to give me some back ground though.  If the bad news is medical, I need to know details.  If the bad news is that a tree fell over and landed on the roof, you better be prepared to tell me how that happened (odds are it was the Big Guy doing some "handy work" of his own.  Boy thinks that because he grew up on a farm, he is the person to complete the work.  Please....)

OK!  Your turn.

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