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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Q&A of the Day, November 7th....

So.  Confession?

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.  Yes.  It's true.  We don't go crazy overboard with Christmas.  And while I'll get the lists around Thanksgiving for the nephews, for the most part, I'm almost done.  I think the snow we got on Tuesday has kicked me into gear.

Here's a picture of our back yard.
As I said yesterday on Instegram, "While some find beauty in the first snowfall....I see the fact that we forgot to bring in the patio furniture."


(and the snow is mostly gone, now.  Thank goodness.)

With that said, let's look at today's question:

Who is your hero?  

I have to admit....I don't have a hero.  Many people will say a parent, or a grandparent, or a friend who is a veteran, or a cancer survivor, or someone who saved someones life.

But honestly?  I don't have a hero.
Ever listen to someone who, when classified a hero, says, "I'm not a hero.  I was just doing the right thing."

I have to agree with that.
I appreciate those who go above and beyond.  
Those who risk their lives to save others.
Those who stand up for those who can't.

I don't know that I'd call them a hero.  To me, they are really more "heaven sent" rather than a "hero", if that makes any sense at all.

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

My hero is everyone that just crossed the NYC Marathon finish line :)

FINISHED shopping? We have so many to buy for, its actually ridiculous... & breaks us... sad.