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Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Day in my Family....

I'm a kid of divorced parents.

In 1979, after my parents divorced a few years before, my mom and I loaded up the station wagon and headed from Ohio to Minnesota. My mom wanted to be closer to her family and since they weren't moving to Ohio, we went to them.

Growing up, I remember that we would have a big celebration in February for all the family members born in February. There was Little Grandma (my great-grandmother) born on the 7th. Then my Uncle Wayne, born on the 10th (I think. I'm sure my mom will correct me). My grandmother (my mom's mom) was born on the 12th and my mom rounded out the birthdays by being born on the 13th.

But now that both Little Grandma and Grandma have passed on, the torch has also been passed from February birthdays to November birthdays.

And today is no exception because today marks 3 birthdays on my calendar.


It would be 4 if my friend Lisa were a family member because she too, was born today!

So--a big ol' shout out to the following family members:

Dad: Yes. Today is his day. He's 62. I guarantee that his day today will consist of going to work, coming home, and cooking some sort of steak. That's what he does. Everyday. Oh, and going to the American Legion for a beer.

Aunt Kathy: She too is celebrating her 62nd Birthday. And yes, in case you're wondering, my dad and Aunt Kathy are twins. My Aunt Kathy is a riot. Her birthday will probably consist of something with her grandchildren (she has 7 at last count). And cake. I would also like to point out the following photo of my Aunt Kathy....

This was my birthday in 1974. I got a sit and spin. I apologize for the quality of the scan. I thought it would come out in color and well...technology got the best of me.

Yes. That's my mom's handwriting on the bottom of the photo. It says, "Aunt Kathy's turn!" Don't ya' just love the 70's?

Savanna: Today, my little cousin Savanna, turns 16. You know what that means? The DL....Drivers License. I promise, Savanna, that when you take me for a drive I won't freak out. Though inside I'll silently be saying The Lord's Prayer over and over again hoping that you don't take the curves and turns at 45 MPH.

I have no photos of Savanna on the computer. Besides, since she's 16 she would probably freak out (OMG! Like, whatever...).

So, happy birthday to Dad, Aunt Kathy and Savanna.

Next birthday on deck? That would be mine. (groan)


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hulagirlatheart said...

Happy birthday to your peeps! My dad's b-day was yesterday. I'm still on a cake high.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

My grandma's family had a run of birthdays in late January, Early February too...

Happy Birthday to your peeps...

And yeah for Minnesota!!

Mandy said...

I can just hear your Minnesota accent through the internets! Dontcha know! LOVE IT!

Mercedes said...

Happy Bday to you and your family! Our Bday month is January. My husband and son share the same bday and then my cousin and I share the same bday all in Jan.
Best wishes to you all!