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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Heart Desmond....
I'm taking a page from the Boo Mama play book and decided to do a recap of tonight's episode of Lost. Boo Mama has yet to recap Lost, but if you love The Office, The Bachelor or American Idol she is your girl.

Oh, Lost. I adore you. And to be honest, I'm not into the theories. The Big Guy? Oh. My. Word. He's TOTALLY into the theories. I am going to have him meet my co-worker who is a big Lost fan. They'll have enough information to talk for days!

My love for Desmond? Well....I'm a sucker for the accent.

Let's begin shall we?

"Will you promise me you'll never go back to that island, Des?"
Ummm...yeah. Brother is headed back to that island faster than a jet from LA to Australia.

What's up with Richard--the man who never ages?
I know in last weeks episode he told Locke to give him the compass when he sees him again because of this whole time travel thing. But what is his purpose on this island?

Let's define irony, shall we?
Isn't it interesting that Daniel Fairday is talking about military squads when he played in the movie Saving Private Ryan? Just sayin...

Daniel is in love?
Like we didn't see that coming....

"You're Charles Whidmoore?"
Well....I didn't see THAT one coming! Certainly clears up how he's tied to the island!

They named their son Charlie!
Oh...now that brought a tear to my eye. How can you not miss Charlie on this show? Three words: Not Penny's Boat.

I'm telling ya....Daniel's mother is that white haired lady on the old computer last week.
I know it. I can feel it.

Did you watch it?
What did you think?


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I totally dig the accent too! However, come to be with those puppy-dog eyes and that naturally kinky hair and you had me at "brotha". :)

nancy said...

I have to say I enjoy Lost but I am getting really tired of the layers of mystery they heap on our heads. I don't think the creators know the answers and that's why we don't know. Here's a theory for you....How bout someone creates a show that never gives you any answers? They end it and the jokes on us. Hope that does not happen.