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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jesus, Mary and Joseph... (part 2)

So....remember this post (click here to read it)?

This morning I was driving through town to get to the major highway. I stopped at the stop sign when I happened to look up at their residence.

Their holiday decorations are still up.

Everything is still up.

  • The extra large manger scene complete with 4 foot tall Mary, Joesph, Wise men, sheep and a baby Jesus and the manger shelter
  • The candy cane lights
  • The lighted wreath
  • The large, illuminated Seasons Greetings sign on their front porch

Now, while I feel that some decor that people can put up in early December is OK to remain out through January, I personally feel it is important to clarify what is acceptable.

  • Snowmen
  • Snowflakes
  • Anything "winter"

Let's make sure that the winter decor is specific.

  • Nothing with Santa hats
  • Nothing with presents
  • Nothing with Christmas trees (which is different from a plain pine tree)
  • Nothing with candy canes

All I can think of when I drive by is "...the holiday is over. Time to pack it up, people!"

Am I alone in this thinking?


Eudea-Mamia said...

Are you alone!?

My nazi HOA would already be sending them threatening letters (thanks to all my complaining ;-)

Maybe they thing the Super Bowl marks the end of the Holiday Season?

Aubrey said...

You are NOT alone. I wanted to have our decorations down by 9th. Hubby procrastinated. I was pissed. LOL We finally got them down the week after!