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Monday, May 04, 2009

HELP!! Seriously...HELP!!!
If you could do a blog interview with, say, Diane Keaton, what would you ask?

I'm not kidding. I get to do an interview with Diane Keaton as part of the Smart Talk Lecture Series. Answers to the questions will be posted here! How exciting is that?!?!

HELP! I don't know what to ask besides, "What was it like to work with Martin Short & Steve Martin in Father of the Bride?"

Give me some ideas!

**UPDATED TO ADD: Thank you everyone for your questions! I've gathered them and sent them off to Ms. Keaton. I've been told I should have her answers by next week. WHOO!


Rebecca Jo said...

WHAT?????? Seriously? How amazing is that!!!

How about asking who was her favorite leading man?

What was her favorite character she got to do?

Did she feel like she had to work out for the nude scene in the movie with Jack Nicholson (dang - what's the name of that!!!)

Why no follow up to "First Wives Club?"

Have fun with this!!!

Shelley said...

How about "How much fun was Jack Nicholson"?

And how can you really not believe in God?

Those would be two questions that I would ask. But, then the 2nd one isn't politically correct, so your censor probably wouldn't let that one through

hulagirlatheart said...

Cool! I'd want to know how difficult it is to find good roles for mature women, how she maintains her amazing shape, how "young" does she feel and what has being a mother at this stage of her life taught her about herself and what makes her laugh and what makes her cry....
Ooh, I could go on and on. Enjoy!

Jason, as himself said...

Really? I love her. Ask her what her next big projects are...I haven't seen her for a while. Of course that could be because I never go to the movies or watch DVDs any more.

Ask her if she'd like to be a guest star on The Jason Show. I'm sure she's heard of it.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! If it were me I'd have to ask her about working with Jack Nicholson.

I saw your comment, you were above me in roll call at SITS.

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

What to ask???? How she manages to look amazing at her age!

Anonymous said...

Ask her what she thinks her greatest accomplishment so far is. What challenges her, what energizes her - oh my gosh, this would be hard! I love the comments so far though - great questions! Have fun!