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Monday, May 04, 2009

Why Having a Scanner Can Be Fun....
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I broke down and bought a new printer. It's a fancy, schmancy printer that allows you to scan, copy and print. I love it so. The best part about it is that it is wireless. I can be on my laptop in the living room and print to the spare bedroom where the printer is located.

While it is fun to print from the comfort of the couch, I love that I have been able to scan old photos and save them to a disk so in case something happens to the prints, I have the photos saved!

I feel it is important that today I pay tribute to my friend Heather, another UND alumni. Heather is my smarty-pants friend. She's an engineer. Her husband is also a smarty-pants. He's a teacher of history and government. I call her husband when I don't understand what the Big Guy is fussing about when it comes to politics.

Anyway, here are some great photos of Heather.
And me.
And Amy.

That sound you hear? That's Amy saying, "Why...why...why?"

Because I can. Bwaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha

Amy & Heather at our conference retreat, summer 1995.
It was dark.
We were silly.
Amy said, "Let's see how many people we can get on a log!"
This was at the "Two on a log!" point of the game.

Here is the result of the total number on the log.
That, or the rest of our retreat group thought we were nuts.
Either way, we got 5 on that log.
I love that when Heather grabbed me around the waist,
it shows how big my butt really is.

It is clear I was in my plaid phase.
Stacy, me and Heather hanging out in Amy's residence hall room.
I can't write "dorm." They'll take away my hall director card.
Again...where in the world is Stacy? Stacy? Where are you? We miss you!
Why the Heather tribute today?
It's Heather's Birthday!
Happy Birthday, HF! My life hasn't been the same since you came into it. And for that? I am so, so, so grateful.


Rebecca Jo said...

Scanners are always great for embarassing pictures of years past!!! Sadly, my scanner broke... I so badly want to get some pictures up now that I've found some people on Facebook!! hehe!!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Scanners are priceless when your blogging. I love my scanner. Enjoyed the pictures.
Have a good week.