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Friday, March 12, 2010

Borrowed Blog Post #874...
So, my bloggy friend, Rebecca Jo, always does a "Friday Fragments" post and I thought that today I would do the same! Please be sure to pop over to Rebecca Jo's blog and say "hi". You'll be glad you did.

*I was thrilled to read that another bloggy buddy, Jason--from the Jason Show--has decided to do the 3-day walk! I also love that he had the same concerns that every 3-day walker has...sleeping in tents, doing your business in a porta-potty for 3-days, no running water to wash your hands so you use tons of purell. But most of all I'm glad that Jason is doing it. GO JASON!

*Speaking of the 3-day I'm having flashbacks to college when we would order t-shirts for some group of event. Shirt sizes, colors, logos....ack! The t-shirt guy and I have been playing phone tag, but we're doing what we can to make progress. Yes, Angels...we'll have shirts for the 27th. Promise! Have you seen our new logo?

*Next weekend I'm going shopping with my 2 aunts for some wedding stuff. I plan to take lots of photos because that event will be very, very blog worthy. Trust me.

*I need a haircut. But I'm waiting as long as possible to get one before the wedding. I also need highlights. *sigh*

*Speaking of the wedding...Hula (another bloggy friend, who I discovered through Jason's blog) asked me recently via a comment if I've picked my shoes yet. Well, I've got shoes narrowed down! I'll have them next weekend. Pictures to follow. Promise.

*Speaking, again, of the wedding....71 days and counting. That's according to The Knot.

*Speaking of The Knot. I really don't care for this website. I went out there the other day to look at flower arrangements (yes. I caved. I went with real flowers). I know. I know. If I hate it why do I go? Pot. Kettle. Irony. I get it. Here's my front page of The Knot and what I think about it.

*SPAT OF THE WEEK: Pre-Marriage Counseling. The Big Guy wants to do it (as do I), but said, "If we can't fit it in, we can always do it after." My reply, "But it's pre marriage counseling". Before. Not after. He gets that...but really, what I didn't tell him, is that I'm scared and nervous and freaked out. My family doesn't have the best track record for marriages. I feel as though if we do it before, it's not necessarily an "insurance policy", but it may help to provide some insight to my fears and issues--which will help us be able to work through the tough times.

Thoughts? Did you do pre-marriage counseling?

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

Totally love the t-shirt logo!!!

Oh my goodness - some of the best memories of my wedding were trips with my mom & her sisters (my aunts) - I think I laughed more in those moments then any!

CRACKING UP that you have a Spat of the week!!! YES!!! ... then realized I didnt have on this week.. how weird is that? But I didnt even get to see my husband enough over the week to HAVE a spat... that's what you call maybe TOO busy!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

No pre-wedding counseling here. We lived together for two years before tying the knot, so we figured we had argued and discussed just about every possible issue of importance.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Jason, as himself said...

Thank you for the shout out, Kelly! You are really my 3-day hero. Do you have any tips for advice for me? Any training secrets?

And what shoes should I buy?



Dorkys Ramos said...

I totally get you on the fears and I'm nowhere close to marriage. I think I'd be up for some pre-counseling though...and counseling as I'm walking down the aisle and counseling after!

Maybe if you talked about what you're scared of with your guy, it'll help calm you a bit. My family (extended included) is also not great at staying married, but remember that just because it happened all around you it doesn't mean you will follow in those footsteps.

Good luck with the shopping trip!

Amy said...

Pre-marriage counseling is required to get married at my church. Loved it. It was a great experience. Why? Among other things we went through some big marriage inventory questionnaire that covered a wide range of issues. After completing the counseling I realized there were very few surprises that came up, this made me feel very confident that yes, we were ready to get married.