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Friday, May 14, 2010

Stream of Consciousness (#3)....
Here is what has been on my mind the last week.

*We had a slight melt down on Wednesday night. Now, you would think I have children when I talk about a "melt down." Nope. The melt-downer? Me. Yep. Me. The melt down was over my wedding dress. My mom and I talked before she came out to MN about the silk overlay and how it would be attached. She said, "Do you want it sewn into the seams?" I said "yes" thinking the seams going around my waist and at the hem. Nope. It was in every, single, seam. My dress looked like a quilt.

My mom is fixing the dress.
I'm working on asking clarifying questions. Which, you'd think I'd be good at considering that I work for an online university and never see my students face to face.

*Speaking of outfits, my mom got hers for the wedding. Cool huh? It's a fun jacket and wide leg trouser pants!

*Last week I gave my mom a treat: I paid my hair stylist, Tricia, to give my mom hair highlights. This is the first time ever that she has had highlights in her 60 years. She looks pretty sassy don't you think?

*For those who were picked for the Pay it Forward Challenge, I promise you I haven't forgotten about you. Promise. I have your fun items, but due to lack of time to get to the post office, I have yet to mail them. I hope to get them out next week. Cross my heart, pinky swear.

I blame this on getting married.

*Did you know I get married next Saturday.

*I'd do some deep breathing exercises to get over the panic of marriage but I'm still battling a cold, which is now just my sinuses. Since it's been 2 weeks, I visited the doctor. I have been told, "Sudafed around the clock, lots of fluids." She also feels I might have the start of an ear infection, and has antibiotics on hold at the pharmacy should I need it. I blame it on the spring weather.

*Speaking of weather....10 day forecast says 82 and sun for the wedding. I'll believe it when I see it as it has been gray, cloudy and raining for a week and a half.

*Silent Auction for the 3-day is shaping up nicely! More to come but mark your calendars for June 14th!

*And 5 years ago today, the Big Guy and I had our first date. *sigh*

I'm off to take some sudafed, drink a big glass of water and hope that this crap takes a hike before next Saturday.


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

You're doing great Kelley! Hang in there! And, just this once, I'm going to trust the weather guy.

scargosun said...

OMG! So glad your mom can fix it! Love the jacket she got and her highlights will look fantastic with that color!

ickle_me said...

5 years ago...is it that long since I was at camp! Eeek!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm sure you're dress will work out just fine! I'm loving the color of your mom's jacket!!! And what a great daughter you are spoiling your momma getting her hair done!!!

NEXT SATURDAY??!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh! I cant wait for pictures!

Good luck with the Sudafed... I'm downing the Advil Cold/Sinus... blah!

Tater Mama said...

Hey, Bride!

I'll be thinking of my bloggy friend this week and especially on THE BIG DAY! I hope everything is fabulous!

And everyone has at least one meltdown within a week or two of her wedding. You're supposed to. It's in the rule book... :)

Tara said...

Mall cops - MOA starts on May 27th TLC. I think 9:00 central. I can't wait to watch!