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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Flower Girl.....
First, you show up to the wedding with cute red flower clips in your hair.

Then you hold your basket of flower pedals and pose for your Godmother (that would be me).

Then you ask your mom for her camera because the bride is 20 minutes late and you want to pass the time until your big moment.

Then your Godfather (that would be my cousin Spencer) decides that it would be fun if you posed with your brother for a photo.

Your brother feels otherwise (guess I didn't capture any of the "bunny ear" photos! ha!).

Then it's time for the big moment! Time to walk down the aisle. Your brother is the ring barrer, but there's no pillow, so you walk down together.

But soon you're not tossing the flowers high enough or fast enough so your brother gives you a tutorial....

"Just grab a big handfull and toss them, like this!"

And soon your cousin, the bride, comes down the aisle in the dress that your aunt (my mother) made for her.

Yes. That's THE dress (read about it here).

And you stand there with everyone else, listening to the pastor.

And you wait for them to exchange rings.

And for a kiss (that didn't happen....there was no kiss! What's up with that?).

So that you can make a mad dash for the parking lot so that we could get to the KC Hall for cake.

Afterall, that's the best part!


Rebecca Jo said...

Its wedding central on your blog lately! :)

WOW - I love the dress... its so unique - but looks like it just fits the brides style! I love the back & I especially love the head piece... I could never pull something like that off, but love when others can!

What an adorable little flower girl too!!!

The Nice One said...

Your mom did a GREAT job on that dress. It's so cool. I really like the unique features, and the red is AWESOME!

Evansmom said...

Do you have any other photos of the dress. Your mother did a great job! What an adorable flower girl!

Amy said...

Wow, your mom is some seamstress. I would love to have a fraction of her ability!

Oh to be a flower girl, I never got the chance when I was little.