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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The View From Here....

I have no energy to take a photo.
But if I did it would include OJ, tissues, cough drops, DVR'd 70's sitcoms, cold medicine that I was carded for at Target (this still irks me....), the phone in case someone calls, and cozy blankets.

Yep. Like my work buddy Tracy....I too, have the crud.

I don't blame Tracy.
I blame the woman at work who came in after MLK day with a terrible cold. All but one person in her cubicle row is sick.

Apparently sitting one row over wasn't enough of a barrier....


Mark said...

So the "crud" is a cold? I wasn't getting that. I also didn't know that you were friends with Tracy. Thank God I didn't trash her on your site. That would have been embarrassing!
Anyway, I hope that you and Tracy both feel better soon.
Your Friend, m.

Rebecca Jo said...

UGH!!!! Ironic that my blog post today starts with talking about germs!!!! EGADS!!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!!!