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Friday, March 25, 2011

Farm Friday, edition 3…

Once I cross over a major highway out in the middle of nowhere, I love that I can see our place.
See that grove of trees?

Yes. That one.
That is where we are living!
I promise house photos when it isn't surrounded by a small lake due to melting snow.  

I love how that one pine tree towers over the big tree in my in-laws yard. 

But to be honest, what I am really looking forward to is all of this snow melting away and these big ol’ bushes to start blooming. Because you know what these bushes are? These bushes that boarder the property?




Tater Mama said...

So glad you love your new place! Lilacs! Oh, how pretty and such a sweet smell! Spring has come to the Mid-South, though we're having a cool spell right now. My forsythia has bloomed and turned green, so we're on our way. Hope it comes to you soon!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the pic of your house :)

Nothing like just seeing "COUNTRY" when you drive, is there? Well, nothing like it when it has NO SNOW on it!!

SNOW - GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark said...

They will look beautiful, for sure! And thanks for drawing an arrow to your house. I always get confused which one is yours when I'm driving by. m.