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Monday, March 28, 2011

When did the Old Lady Move In?

Heating pad.
Icy hot.

When did the old lady move in and leave behind all this stuff for her achy muscles?

Oh, wait.
That's mine.

Who knew that deep cleaning a rented townhome would cause me to have to use all of these items on a Sunday afternoon?!  If this isn't a reminder to get thy rear end on the exercise bike we bought back in January, I don't know what is.


Rebecca Jo said...

Getting old bites...

Mark said...

I feel badly for you old people. I swear, I don't know how you do it.
Your Friend, m.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm amazed myself, Mark. ;)

Caren said...

Laughing... have I mentioned that I am going steady with three ice packs? Yup - that's what I told my daughter. Still working on naming the silly things because ... they just won't go away. Stubborn buggers.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

My motto? Ignore it and maybe it will go away. I'm quite happy with denial.

Jason, as himself said...

Uh, oh. Fight it! Fight it!

But on the other hand, embrace it! Embrace it!