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Friday, April 01, 2011

Farm Friday, edition 4….
Exhibit A.
My homemade laundry soap.

Yes. I make my own laundry soap. If you want to see how to make it…you can read about it here. Total cost for the laundry soap? About $1.40 per batch and each batch makes enough for 28 loads or so. I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now!

Exhibit B.
The bag that held the extra soap that didn’t fit into the bucket I keep near the washer.

Exhibit C.
A hole in the bag.

Exhibit D.
The mouse poop that was discovered near the bag of laundry soap, which now has a hole in it.


Two weeks ago the Big Guy says to me, “I don’t want to alarm you, but I think we have a mouse.” My reply was, “How do you know? You realize that there is never such a thing as ‘a’ mouse, right?” He said he saw one in the basement and thinks that the mouse got in when they carried in an old love seat that had been out in the garage for a few weeks prior to our move.

He set traps, and the next morning I had a text message that read, “Got ‘em”
“Em” being plural. There were two.
I said to the Big Guy, “I hope they didn’t take ‘love seat’ literally and procreate.”

We reset the traps, and caught nothing more.

On Sunday, I was taking items down to the basement for storage. As I set down some empty totes near the shelves in the laundry room, my eyes happened to catch a glimpse of Exhibit D.


We reset the traps again.
Really, though….eating laundry soap?

I hope that they got sicker than a dog eating laundry soap and got the hell out of my house.


Tater Mama said...

I hate any mouse that doesn't sign his name with a Mickey in front. Hope you got them all.

Rebecca Jo said...

For some reason mice dont bother me... but the hubs reminds me they can really hurt a house.

I cant believe they're eating SOAP!!! What the heck? I'd think that'd make them REALLY sick...

I'd still take a mouse over a snake ANYDAY!!!!

Caren said...

Yikes... I had mice in a house when I first got married to thing one (first hubby). We moved...end of story.

Woke up in the next house...guess what, we moved the mice with us. I almost had a heart attack. Hired a company to get rid of the critters. We lived there for 5 years and I was still "edgy" walking into a room that I had a previous siting. We moved.

No more mice...but if you know how to get rid of beetles... I'd appreciate the help!

Good luck.