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Friday, October 07, 2011

Week 12 with Maggie....

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Getting into the crate is a no-brainer.
Thinking the couch is hers and hers alone.
Chasing barn cats.
Chasing Charlie.
RUNNING when she's off the leash.
Getting her to come to you with treats because "come here!" doesn't work.
No more puppy teeth.
Weighing close to 30 pounds.
Chasing the Frisbee (I think we have a "fly ball" dog!)
Thinking her outside water dish is a frisbee.

Small tears in clothes as she reaches for the frisbee.
Only 2 pee-in-the-house accidents this month!
(one of which was on her pillow? huh?)
One bag of dog food a month.
Puppy school next week (AMEN)
Walks around the farm.
Puppy kisses.
Sleeping through the night.
Looking at photos and thinking, "WOW.  She was so little!"

Looking at her sit in the kitchen thinking, "crap...she's BIG!"

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