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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doesn't everyone?

I mean, don't all cats sit inside the lid of a toilet tank?

I know what you're thinking.  Why is there a lid, for a toilet tank, sitting on your deck table?  You're probably also wondering if the cat sits in there often.  This is one of the barn cats who hangs out on the porch to (a) have his ears scratched and (b) because he's begging for food (he's fed each morning, FYI).

The lid?
We replaced the toilet a few weeks ago.  And like a bunch of red-necks we had the toilet on the back porch.  The toilet has been hauled away.  But the lid for that toilet tank?

Still on the porch.
Doesn't everyone have one on their porch?


Mark said...

Total class!
p.s. I didn't know that you installed your comment system again. Thanks for doing that. It was bugging me.

Rebecca Jo said...


I'm from Kentucky...

you're likely to see a working, functionable toilet on the front porch!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

He's a very pretty cat! What's his name? He should have a name if you're feeding and scratching him. Don't you think?

Hula Girl at Heart said...

It's downright amazing what you see on FRONT porches around here. It definitely reinforces the stereotype of Kentucky. My favorites are the toilets and beds used at planters in the front yard.