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Monday, September 30, 2013

Q & A of the Day, September 30th....

Happy Monday!
Happy Last Day of September!
You know what that means....October is here, and then Halloween, then Thanksgiving....then Christmas, and before we know it us Minnesotans will be knee deep in snow and won't be coming out of our igloos until at least May.

But if you ask the Big Guy he can't wait for snow.  He just wants to use his new snow blower.  

Here's today's question:

Q&A of the Day, September 30th....
How do you get out of a rut?

Oh.  That's a good one.  I look at a "rut" as different than "routine".  I like routine.  I like getting up at the same time and following that pattern of morning tasks...feeding the cat, letting out the dog, bathroom tasks like brushing teeth and doing my hair, etc.  But I see a "rut" as sort of a "funk" when you're in a place that you didn't intentionally plan to go (does that make sense?).  So, to get out a 'rut' is really hard, its like being stuck in a never ending loop....going around and around.  I'd love to say that I give myself a pep talk and viola!  I am out of the rut.  But it isn't that easy.  Normally something "gives" (whatever that may be) and I break out of the rut.  But, sadly, I have no sure-fire-way to break out of it.

How about you?

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

I throw that T down & change it to a N .. I RUN!!! Oh I'm clever...

but now, how to get out of a run rut? I don't have an answer :)