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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Q&A of the Day, October 29th

I am loving today's question.  


Camping or hotel?

My answer:  I'm not afraid of tent camping, and have done it and will do it again, but honestly--I think I prefer a hotel.  

For those who are new to my corner of the interwebs, (or for those who just don't remember every. little. detail. ha!)...when I was in college, my summer job was working at a summer camp.  Yep!  Now, prior to that, "camping" with my family was usually in an RV.  And any tent camping was done in the back yard.  So when I finished my first year of college, my mom said, "You're getting a job, kid!"  

I anticipate that she was thinking about me working in an office....or at the grocery store....or at the local canning factory or turkey plant.  But when I answered an ad in the paper for a camp counselor, she didn't argue with me and let me do it.

Of course, I anticipated cushy cabins with indoor plumbing and a dining hall.  
Think of the movie the Parent Trap.

Nope.  Not even close.
I slept that summer in a 2-man tent, in the north woods of Minnesota, slathered in sun-screen, drenched in bug spray, doing my business in a primitive out-house and cooking the same meal over a fire ever 3 days.

Which is why to this day....I cannot stand s'mores.  

Apparently there was a bet to see how long I'd last.  During staff training, I had no idea that we were spending our summer in a rustic setting.  We were in this fancy lodge with indoor plumbing and bunk beds and I assumed that was the same where I was going.  When I found out that I was roughing it, I believe my exact words were, "What?  We're going where?"

But let me tell you something.
That summer I learned so much about myself and learned to be more social and outgoing because of that experience.  I can also pitch a tent without directions, start a one-match campfire, make a mean hobo-packet meal, can roast the perfect marshmallow (even though I don't like them), I can canoe in rapids, I know how to switch places in a canoe without it tipping over, and I can pick a daddy long leg spider up by a leg and toss it out of the way as if my life depended on it.

Which is probably why I like the hotel a lot better.

What about you?

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