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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Q&A of the Day, Weekend Edition #2

Well.  Here we are.  Another weekend is upon us.
Thank the Lord, Hallelujah, Amen.

My big plans?
Sam's Club.  Because everyone needs large quantities of TP, yogurt and pork, right?  Funny story:  about a year ago when we joined Sam's Club (we were Costco members, but because Costco is 2 hours away, compared to an hour to get to Sam's....we made the switch), the Big Guy and I were making our list.  He said to me, "We need TP" and I said, "Really?"  I went into the bathroom and we still had 2 packages, of 9-roll TP in linen closet.  The Big Guy said, "That's low.  We need to stock up."  I rolled my eyes and marked it on the list.  He then said, "Listen....you haven't lived in a house with all guys and when you think you have plenty of TP and realize you have none.  That's scary.  Put TP on the list, please."

So, we now have a rule.  When we get down to a 2-pack, TP goes on the list.

Well.  With that said....here are the questions for this weekend.

Q&A of the Day, October 5th...
What question makes you anxious?

I don't know if anything makes me "anxious"....but I will say that I hate small talk-chit-chat when you are first catching up with someone that you haven't seen for a while.  It's awkward and makes you feel like you're getting to know that person all over again.  I always try to be the first one out of the gate with the question/catch up, something like "good to see you!  Tell me how _____ turned out!  You shared it on facebook, but I don't think I remember reading how it ended up!"  But should I not get there first, oh...it's tough.

It is especially tough at gatherings for work.  Oy!  That chit-chat social stuff is KILLER for an introvert like myself.  KILLER.

Q&A of the Day, October 6th...
Do you have any new friends?

We just moved and we are starting to get to know our neighbors.  Apparently the house next to us sold to a single father.  But those around us are quite nice and we enjoy waving and saying "hi" when we see them.  One thing I am REALLY looking forward to is starting to get involved in our community.  The Big Guy wants to join the curling club.

yes.  You read that right.
the only curling I do is of my hair.  So this should be interesting.

But.  We want to get involved.  Which I hope will open the door to friendships and connections.  I was part of a Leadership class through our local Chamber of Commerce last year and this year, the sessions are led by us--the 'graduates' of last years sessions.  I just love the group I'm in and I love being able to see those folks out and about in the community where I can walk up, say "hi" and have a small chat right in the cereal aisle of Cub foods.  

Have a great weekend and feel free to share in the comments if you'd like!

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