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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Q&A of the Day, Weekend Edition #3

Well! Here we are!  Another weekend post.

Right now the scents of a pork roast simmering in the crock pot are already wafting through my house.  It will soon be accompanied by meatballs, hot apple cider, rice krispy treats and mini-apple pies.  We may not have a lot of people coming to our house, but by goodness, they'll be fed WELL.

Here are the questions for this weekend....

Q&A of the Day, October 12th
One word for today....

One word?

I'm excited to have friends over to our home!  I love having folks over, I just wish we didn't live so far out of the way sometimes.

Q&A of the Day, October 13th
You have no patience for __________

I will admit....this list is way longer than it should  be.  But after an encounter this weekend while out grocery shopping, I have to say that I have no patience for young adults (10, 11, 12 years old) who run through the store, cutting people off and pushing carts out of the way to get what they want.

I have patience with children in general, and firmly believe that younger children are still learning what is right and appropriate behavior.  So I have a much higher tolerance level than most when it comes to kids.  Little kiddos that have meltdowns in the store break my heart....more for mama (or daddy) than for the kiddo.  But my encounter?  It went something like this:

I went down the cereal/granola bar aisle.  I realized what I needed was across the aisle, so I stepped away from my cart (which was over to the opposite side, out of "traffic") to get what I needed.

Five kids come running down the aisle chattering about what kind of cereal they were going to get.  My cart happened to be in front of the kind they wanted.  Rather than say, "excuse me" or ask "lady...is this your cart?" they started to push my cart out of the way--pushing it into the center of the aisle (into "traffic").  I look around to see if a parent was with them.  Of the parent-aged people in the aisle, no one was staking claim to the gang of 5.  Which led me to believe that they were (a) bugging the parent who brought them and (b) that adult sent them on a mission to get the cereal.

(which, I can understand.  I do that with my husband)
(and while my husband isn't a child....Lord have mercy....sometimes, it feels like it)

I put a hand out to stop my cart from rolling.  I said out loud to the children, "Oh, I'm sorry, was my cart in your way?  Here, let me move it for you.  Next time, rather than pushing the cart into the way of others trying to complete their shopping, it would be really nice if you could say 'I'm sorry, excuse me, can I ask you to move your cart please?'"

My tone was very sweet & calm.  But it was also serious. 
I call it my camp-counselor-i-love-you-but-you're-making-a-poor-choice-voice.
They looked at me for about 2.6703 nanoseconds and went back to chattering about their cereal choices.

I get it.
Kids aren't perfect.  We can't expect them to be while they're learning.
But simple manners?  That isn't too hard, is it? 

OK.  I'm off my soap box.
I've got apple pie ingredients calling my name!

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Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

The traditional traveling taco dip is chilling as we speak, ready to head into the cooler for the cross-country trek to see some of our favorite friends!

And thank you for inviting us out of town on "Zombie Pub Crawl" weekend. Those obnoxious walking dead give me the creeps!