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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Kitchen Sink of Blog Posts, Part 2.....

I have a bunch of random thoughts today. For example:

1. I noticed last night that the Well Dressed Man at the Bus Stop is no longer wearing the ski-goggles, but has now upgraded to sunglasses. These are the kind that you wear to block out any kind of sunlight. I'm happy to see that his situation has improved where he no longer has to wear the goggles. I mean, come on...you're killing the man's style with those goggles.

2. How is it that when I lived alone, I could spend $30 a week on groceries, but when I moved in with the Big Guy, my grocery bill went to almost $100 a week? I am still amazed at Gayle from the Grocery Cart Challenge. She feeds her family of 6 on $60 a week or less. I've e-mailed her for tips and she's passed along some things to think about. I'm going to get there Gayle....or at least I'm going to try.

3. We got word that the CEO is coming around today to see us "personally". I hope that doesn't mean he's delivering pink slips to academic advising. I swear on my master's degree in college student personnel that I know what every student is up to this quarter!

Yes, our university has a CEO. We are for profit.
Yes, this is the first for profit university that I've worked for.
Yes, I still struggle with online education vs. face to face classroom education
No, our school is not a diploma mill.

4. Why is it that I think that paying $2.76 for gas (that's what the price was this morning) is "cheap" when a year ago I was singing a different tune?

5. Why can't all mirrors be the same? How is it that when I got to a store and try something on I look good and even a little thinner. I get home and I feel like I'm in a circus fun house with the mirror that makes you look short and fat.

6. Speaking of weight, it is sad that when I pulled out the fall/winter clothes from storage that I rejoiced because my khaki's still fit?

7. While we're on the weight issue, I have to confess that I've gained weight since starting at the online school. Going from the classroom where I was running around (literally) all day to sitting behind a desk didn't help matters. And I swear that we find any reason to celebrate & have a party on our team. With 3 pregnant families and an upcoming wedding on our team there is more to come.

Yeah, you would think that by doing the 3-day walk I would have lost weight.

insert deep belly laughing here as well as "yeah. Right!"

Now I have to really get back into things and get thee to a gym. And the Big Guy is coming with me. Doctor's orders.

insert evil laugh here

1 comment:

hulagirlatheart said...

#6..Sad is when you pull them out and they DON'T fit. Rejoice, rejoice!